Wedding photography at Muswell Hill, London

I'm going to tell you about a wedding at a north London church in Muswell Hill. The wedding reception was in the city of London at the Law society; this was a great wedding because the guests were being taken on a sightseeing tour of London on an old route master bus (red double Decker bus) and finally ending up at the Law society.

The couple arrived in a black London cab, so it was a real London affair. The Law society is very close to the courts of justice. Inside the building is a wash with amazing staircase's and libraries, and portraits don the walls of famous legal heads. This was a great wedding to photograph and it was a real chance to show wedding photography at its best. There were plenty of great areas to shoot group photos and also plenty of great areas to shoot the couple.

"Drew thank you for giving us amazing wedding pictures of our perfect day, and thank you for all your hard work and patients" Alice & Martin.

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