Wedding Photography Advice

I often give photography advice to couples that are researching wedding photographers for their big day, please do go with a professional photographer and not someone who fits it in at the weekend whilst doing full time work.

There are a lot of people who proclaim they are wedding photographers but you need to decide whether they can deliver the standard you require. Ask him or her about the copyright, how long will they hold onto the copyright, how much will they charge to sell it, sometimes people can be tricked into a cost of wedding photography, thinking that they are getting a really good deal until the require more shots. Make sure that you get on with the person remember they are part of you big day, and the last thing that you would want is to order around by someone who has a great idea for a picture.

My wedding photography is about recording the day with beautiful pictures, not to put Brides and grooms into stupid pose's, and I don't do gimmick photoshop pictures, example black and white with a red bouquet.

Above all enjoy your day, and look back through your wedding pictures with fond memories.

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